Mission Vision Values


The mission of the Santa Clara County Parks & Recreation Department is to provide, protect, and preserve regional parklands for the enjoyment, education and inspiration of this and future generations.


We create and manage a sustainable, vibrant system of regional parks and trails where exceptional visitor experiences enrich the human spirit and offer all people the opportunity to connect with the County’s protected natural, cultural, historic and scenic resources, consistent with responsible resource stewardship.​

Vision Elements

The Department’s vision is supported by the following elements that when taken as a whole, provide a panorama of what the future of the regional parks in Santa Clara County should be.

  • Interconnected and Inclusive: The County’s regional park and trail network provides equitable access for people and critical linkages for wildlife.
  • Resource Stewardship: County natural and historical resources are managed in balance with public access and recreation.
  • Operational Excellence: County Parks serves as a model of excellence in customer service, resource protection and park management.
  • Enriched Visitor Experience: County Parks provides high quality visitor experiences.
  • Human Health: Outdoor recreation in County parks enhances human health and wellbeing.​

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