Mount Madonna County Park Master Plan


What is a Park Master Plan?

The Park Master Plan is the first step in the County Parks Department’s process for developing and implementing a long-range plan for Mount Madonna County Park. It consists of a map of the Park showing potential future park uses and their respective locations within the 4,600-acre site. 

The Park Master Plan assesses the feasibility of a variety of potential park uses based on environmental, cultural, and cost considerations as well as current recreation trends, focusing primarily on the park’s highest use zones and the former Arata/Garcia property. The potential uses include the expansion or renovation of existing park services and amenities or the construction and installation of brand new uses altogether. To make an informed, objective assessment, the County Parks Department’s team:

  • Conducted a preliminary scan of biological and cultural resources that might be present in the park;
  • Analyzed the existing utility infrastructure (water, wastewater, electricity) relative to potential park improvements;
  • Met with various stakeholders, agency staff, and the County Parks and Recreation Commission; and
  • Conducted a public meeting.


Was the Master Plan approved?

Yes, the Mount Madonna Master Plan was approved by the County of Santa Clara Board of Supervisors on June 20, 2017. The approved Master Plan can be located at the following link​.


Why did the County prepare the Plan?

The County Parks Department recently acquired additional properties adjacent to the areas of the Park that are currently open to the public, and there is interest in opening these new areas to park users. Because individual park amenities (new and existing) are interrelated, the County decided to take a holistic planning approach that presents a vision for the entire park over the next ten to twenty years, instead of looking at each area in isolation.

What about Trails?

The Park Master Plan intends to provide relatively high-level recommendations for the Park, and does not include specific plans for areas such as trails, signage, etc. In the future, the County Parks Department may develop a Trails Master Plan, Circulation Plan, Signage Plan or other more detailed plans for Mount Madonna County Park to address these more focused topics.


To Provide Comments or for more Information, Please Contact:

Kimberly Brosseau, Senior Planner
Santa Clara County Parks and Recreation
5965 Silver Creek Valley Road
San José, CA 95138

Phone: (408) 355-2230
Email: [email protected] 

Comments should be provided in writing via U.S. Mail, email, or by hand delivery.


Environmental Review Documents for the Mount Madonna County Park Master Plan


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