Parkland Acquisition Plan for the County of Santa Clara

The Santa Clara County Parks and Recreation Department has completed the development of an updated Parkland Acquisition Plan. The voters approved the current Park Charter in 2006, ensuring funding through 2021 for acquisition, development, operation, and maintenance of the County’s 46,000-acre 28-park system.

The Department conducted a public input process to help guide the County’s future parkland acquisition efforts.  Five general public meetings were held in July and August of 2010, followed by 4 additional public meetings and two focus groups, targeted specifically on the urban/sub-urban park needs of the County.

The Santa Clara County Parkland Acquisition Plan 2012 Update presents a structure for the County of Santa Clara's Parks and Recreation Department for regional parkland acquisition over the next twenty years.  It updates the 1993 County of Santa Clara Parks Acquisition Policy to incorporate direction provided by more recent plans and policies adopted by the Board of Supervisors, and provides a current understanding of the park and outdoor recreation needs of the residents of Santa Clara County.

The complete final plan which was approved first at the March 29, 2011 Board of Supervisors meeting (chapters 1-7) with an added urban component (chapter 8) approved on August 21, 2012, can be found at the following link:

County of Santa Clara Parkland Acquisition Plan 2012 Update

Please contact Tim Heffington, Sr. Real Estate Agent, Santa Clara County Parks and Recreation, at (408) 355-2239 regarding any questions you may have related to the plan.

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