Temporary/Extra Help Opportunities

For instructions on how to complete an official application CLICK HERE. All applicants must meet the employment standards for the position applying for.

Santa Clara County Employee Services Agency must review and approve all applications submitted. 

To apply for an extra help position you must complete an Official County Application, save a PDF copy of your application and email it to [email protected]. In your email please indicate which position you are applying for in the subject line.

Are you looking for a temporary or seasonal job? Are you interested in the profession of Parks and Recreation and want to get some experience? Do you have experience you would like to contribute to the Parks Department? 

What is Extra help? Extra help are typically utilized to meet peak-loads or to work on projects. Extra-help workers are limited to 1040 hours (approximately 6 months of full-time) per fiscal year.

What is a Provisional Appointment? A provisional appointment is the temporary appointment that receives similar benefits of a permanent employee to fill a vacant classified position for which there is no current employment list. Provisional appointments can work up to one (1) year, 90 days following the creation of an employment list or until the position is filled. Whichever comes first.

Here is your chance, Santa Clara County Parks and Recreation is hiring extra-help / temporary employees. Check out positions and descriptions of current opportunities below. 

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