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Donation Catalog

Our donation catalog has undergone some upgrades and is available to view in its entirety below. The catalog features current donatable items with pricing as well as guidelines for recognition plaques and terms associated with the donation program.

All donations shall contribute to the overall park visitor experience and preserve the visual character of the park setting. Placement of a donated item is at the sole discretion of the Parks and Recreation Department. A donor may request a specific park/property, but the Parks and Recreation Department will ultimately decide the park and exact location within the park. This may be based on an existing design plan for the property, or if no plan exists, where placement is deemed a park or recreational necessity and consistent with overall design standards of the park.

Front cover of the donations catalog, featuring a park bench

Click here to view the Donation Catalog in full. 

Recognition Plaque Guidelines

All donated furniture will be permitted to have a 5"x2" brass plaque fastened in a pre-determined location. Plaques are included for all donations except for trees.

Where a plaque is permitted, only the following language, font weight, and font style will be allowed:

Font style examples for recognition plaques
  • One one name (i.e. Joseph Grant), or one Family name (i.e. The Grant Family), or one group name (i.e. The Grant Foundation) is allowed on the plaque. A date on the plaque is optional.
  • Where plaques are permitted, the cost of the original plaque is included in the donation price. However, if the plaque is vandalized or needs repair or replacement in the future, the donor will be responsible to replace the plaque if they so choose.
  • All plaques, new or replacement, must conform to the guidelines.


Recognition Plaque Examples

Set of four 5"x2" recognition plaques

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