Careers in Park Maintenance

Park Maintenance is dedicated to ensuring our County Parks are clean and safe for the enjoyment of the public at our parks.

To meet this goal, the Park Maintenance program is made up of multiple teams which include:

  • Park Unit Staff, our regional maintenance staff who operate and complete the day-to-day maintenance at our parks, which includes cleaning park amenities such as restrooms, playgrounds, picnic areas; maintaining park infrastructure such as water systems, trail and turf areas; and maintaining other features as needed;
  • Project Team manages and performs maintenance and construction projects that improve and enhance the public’s experience at County Parks; and
  • Central Services which consists of our Fleet Mechanics, Park Equipment Operators and our warehouse staff who collectively provide support to keep the entire department running. 

Our Maintenance program staff work tirelessly to keep the parks maintained and safe for all to enjoy.

Listed are Park Maintenance program positions and linked descriptions.

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