Careers in Parks Volunteer Program

Be the CHANGE, SEE the CHANGE with your County Parks!​ That’s our slogan at Volunteer Program and we stand by it. 

The Parks Volunteer program is robust and essential to keeping parks running especially with our large special events. Our program staff manage more than 2,000 volunteers and hundreds of events and volunteer opportunities every year. Those volunteers contribute over 35,000 hours of service and create lasting impacts that carry on for generations to come. Some of these hours reflect the events and activities varying from large scale events like Fantasy of Lights at Vasona Lake County Park to Day on the Bay at Alviso Marina. Or even our more regular volunteer roles like creek and park clean up days, trail watch and camp hosts, just to name a few. 

Have you thought about getting involved and not sure where to start? You’ve already taken the first step and we thank you for thinking about turning your talents and skills into positive action for your community!​ Whether you volunteer with us or work with us and join our team the Volunteer program is highly rewarding and appreciated by everyone. 

If your interested in volunteering with Santa Clara County Parks please visit out site: Parks Volunteer Program

Listed are Parks Volunteer Program position and liked descriptions. 

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