HHGP Announcement FY 2022

The County of Santa Clara Historical Heritage Commission and the County of Santa Clara Parks and Recreation Department announce the



The Board of Supervisors of the County of Santa Clara established the Historical Heritage Grant Program (HHGP) in 1990 to promote historic preservation and the awareness of significant cultural, historical, and archaeological resources within Santa Clara County. Funding is provided through the dedication of a portion of the County Park Charter Development Funds to the HHGP.

Who may apply? 

Local public agencies and non-profit corporations with 501(c)(3) certification, located within the geographical limits of Santa Clara County.

How much money is available? 

$914,095 is available for Fiscal Year 2022.

What kind of projects are funded?

  • Projects must involve the stabilization, preservation, rehabilitation, restoration or interpretation of locally designated historic resources.
  • The HHGP is limited to projects involving the development of real property, as opposed to personal property. 
  • The project must be located in a public park or on private property dedicated to park purposes. The project must involve a locally designated historic resource (landmark or contributing resource to a local historic district or the equivalent) protected by a city or County historic preservation ordinance.

Online Technical Workshops

Technical workshops were held on August 5 and 26 to provide prospective applicants with technical information regarding the grant program and application packet filing process. Click HERE​ to view the presentation online.​

Application due date:      Thursday, October 21, 2021

For more information please contact:

Grant Staff
County of Santa Clara, Parks and Recreation Department
E-mail: [email protected]
Historical Heritage Grant Program Application & Procedural guide for FY 2022​
HHGP Appendices A – F​

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