Joseph D. Grant - Stockman's parking lot

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Latitude: 37.33556573
Longitude: -121.7163218

Stockman’s Lot is located inside the core park area of Grant. There is a fee to park here which can be attained at the entrance. This parking lot will give you access to some of the easiest and best walks in the park, there is also access to Dutch Flat trail for hikers/cyclists and equestrians, which is an amazing trail and a park visitor favorite. A hiker/cyclist/equestrian can get on the Snell trail from here which links up with the lower San Felipe Trail which gives one some beautiful views of the interior of the park. Golden Eagles, turkeys, deer, bobcats and coyotes run rampant here.

Grant-Stockmans Lot


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The address below is for the Joseph D. Grant park entrance.


Yerba Buena Trail
San Jose, CA 95127

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