#PixInParks 2023

Switch up your daily routine and become one with nature. We have handpicked seven magnificent hiking adventures, all nearby, to get you outside and experience new terrain and spectacular vistas right here in Santa Clara County.

Tackle this year’s #PixInParks Challenge by hiking all seven listed trails pictured below and take a photo at each designated spot.

And to entice you to hike the Magnificent 7, a commemorative t-shirt or bandana awaits those who complete the #PixInParks challenge!

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Step 1:
 (recommended) Download the map using the Avenza Maps app (or any other geolocating map app) before you head to the park.  NEW!  You can now download the PixInParks maps all at once by using the camera feature on your smart phone.

QR to Avenza PixInParks Maps

Step 2: Take a selfie or group photo at the destination point. 

Step 3: Share your photo on social media with the hashtag #PixInParks and the hashtag at the particular location where the photo was taken (see photos below for where to take your Pix and what hashtags to use). IF you don’t use social media, that is okay! Email your photos to [email protected] AFTER you have completed the challenge.

Step 4: After completing the #PixInParks Challenge, submit your info to claim your t-shirt or bandana (while supplies last). 

Deadline to complete the PixInParks Challenge and claim your T-shirt or Bandana (while supplies last) is December 15, 2023. Follow #PixInParks and on Instagram​ to view the awesome gallery!


These trails and parks were chosen specifically for you to get outside and explore your wonderful 28-regional park system.

  • Some parks may be close and some may be far. Make it a day trip and explore other trails and activities as well.
  • Some trails may be easy and some may be hard. Do the best you can or challenge yourself and explore another part of the park.
  • Some trail lengths may be short and some may be long. Finished too soon? Try visiting other parts of the park, have a picnic, or bring binoculars and look for awesome wildlife. If you feel it's too long, again, do the best you can! We are happy that you are trying out something new and connecting with nature.
  • Got a Dog? All seven of our trails this year are dog friendly!  For more information on Dog Access in County Parks, please click here.​
  • Know before you go. Our Parks’ Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Specialists use specific software to calculate accurate mileage on the routes. Trail mileage will vary upon tracking apps on your phone because of mountain ranges/satellite interference and can be off by 1-3 miles.


The Santa Clara County Parks and Recreation Department works continuously to develop  accessible and inclusive facilities, programs and services  in compliance with the requirements of Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (‘ADA”). The Department will not discriminate against qualified individuals with disabilities on the basis of disability in its services, programs or activities†. The Department will make reasonable modifications to policies and programs to ensure that people with disability have an equal opportunity to enjoy our programs, services and activities†. If you need assistance with an ADA request, please contact our ADA Coordinator at [email protected]


†View here​ for more information about Accessible Outdoor Activities

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