Dog Parks

Treat your four legged friend to Santa Clara County's great outdoors

Most areas in the County Parks system are open to dogs on a 6 ft. leash. Common areas where they are not permitted include children's playgrounds, interpretive facilities, archery ranges and a few designated trails. Areas that are prohibited to dogs entirely will be clearly posted with an international "no dog" sign. If you don't see a sign, just keep your dog leashed and Go Outside and Play!

The Santa Clara County Parks Department is committed to providing access to parks for a variety of purposes including recreational opportunities for visitors and dogs. Before heading out to one of our parks, please review the following information and regulations to insure that your visit is pleasurable.

Off-Leash Dog Facilities

The County has three off-leash dog facilities, conveniently located for your enjoyment.

dog park

Los Gatos Creek County Park
The Los Gatos Creek off-leash facility is located off of Dell Avenue in Campbell and is the newest of our three dog parks. Located in the recently renovated Los Gatos Creek County Park, the facility has two fenced areas to keep small and large dogs separated.  Call (408) 355-2375​ for more information.

Ed R. Levin County Park
The Ed R Levin County Park off-leash facility is located off of Calaveras Road in Milpitas and is operated by the city of Milpitas. The facility has separate small and large dog areas and is the largest of all the fenced off-leash facilities. Call (408) 262-6980 for more information.

Hellyer County Park
The Hellyer County Park off-leash facility is located off of Hwy 101 at the Hellyer Avenue exit on the north side of Hellyer County Park. The facility is one large area where small and large dogs share roaming space. Call (408) 225-0225 for more information.

Use of any of our off-leash facilities is free; however, a vehicle entrance fee is collected upon entrance to the parks. In addition, the facilities are closed one day a week for routine turf and grounds maintenance. Call the park office for current facility maintenance schedules.

Access fees information here: Vehicle Entry Fees

Here are some basic rules to follow when you bring your dog to an off-leash dog facility:

  • Dogs must be controlled by a six (6) foot leash at all times except in off-leash facilities.
  • Handlers must be at least 16 years of age. An adult must accompany all persons under 16.
  • Only two dogs permitted per handler. Handlers must supervise and be able to verbally control their dogs at all times.
  • It is the dog owner's responsibility or person having custody or care of the dog to ensure that their animal doesn't interfere with, bother, or harass park users, other animals, wildlife or park resources.
  • Dogs with aggressive tendencies are not allowed. Any dog showing aggressive behavior must be removed from the off-leash facility immediately.
  • Dog handlers/owners are responsible for all injury caused by their dogs and must provide contact information if their dog bites another dog or person.
  • All dogs must wear proof of current license, rabies vaccination, and be free of communicable diseases. Dogs in heat are not allowed.
  • Please pick up after your pet. Scooper bags are provided in high-use areas. If you have hiked into a remote area, please pack your dog's waste out.


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