Stretch your legs in any one of Santa Clara County's many microclimates and varieties of natural terrains.

Experience the solitude of deep forest trails, or explore the pathways of our urban centers, or discover miles of beautiful and scenic trails many virtually untouched and unknown but to a knowledgeable few. Get in gear and get outside, and if you get a little exercise while you’re at it, so much the better.

Be sure to check our area closures before you go.


Your Road Map To County Park Trail Markers

How to read a trail marker

As you explore County Park trails, we want you to reach your destination safely. To help you find your way, Parks has updated the trail markers throughout the County Park trail system.

The new trail markers are placed at all back-country trail heads and trail intersections. By consulting the park map, in conjunction with the trail markers, you can determine exactly where you are, where you want to go, and how long it will take you to get to there.

At trail intersections, you may see several sign paddles placed on different sides of one 4”x4” trail post. The different paddles are needed as there are different directions one can travel at a 4-way or 3-way intersection. By learning to read the trail markers, you will be able to explore back-country trails without getting lost.

The large vertical name in the center of the paddle is the trail that you are about to take. The smaller horizontal name at the top of the paddle is the destination of that trail. The destination is either the next trail intersection, a staging area, or other feature in the park. The arrow at the bottom of the paddle indicates the direction of travel to take to reach that destination. And, the small number below the vertical trail name is the distance, measured in miles, to the desired destination.

Now, that you know how to read a trail marker. Use our Park Finder tool to find a park by your favorite activities.

Have fun exploring!


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