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Equestrians have access to more than 240 miles of single track and multi-use trails in 13 different county parks, some of which connect to additional trails in public open space areas. The diverse trail systems offer peaceful rides through cool oak forests, dense chaparral, grassy meadows and along creeks, lakes and ridge lines with wonderful views. Equestrian staging areas and water troughs are provided in each park. You can also enjoy trail rides in Mt. Madonna County Park with horses provided by Mt. Madonna Stables.

Visit our Park Finder page to find parks that offer equestrian activity.

Equestrian Amenities

Equestrian staging areas provide a dedicated space for vehicles pulling horse trailers to park and ready horses for a day of exploring. A majority of the 13 equestrian accessible parks have staging areas; Almaden Quicksilver County ParkAnderson Lake County ParkCalero County ParkCoyote Creek ParkwayEd R. Levin County ParkJoseph D. Grant County Park, &  Mt. Madonna County Park.

The following parks have a water trough available for horses; Almaden Quicksilver County ParkCalero County ParkEd R. Levin County ParkJoseph D. Grant County ParkRancho San Antonio County ParkSanta Teresa County Park, & Stevens Creek County Park. Refer to guide maps for water trough location.        

Joseph D. Grant County Park is the only location with equestrian camping. Visit Go Outside and Play to make your reservation today. ​​​​

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