Two people examining their maps together

In orienteering, "the thinking sport", you use a map and compass to navigate a course through unfamiliar terrain. People of all ages enjoy orienteering.

Newcomers are welcome at BAOC events, which are held throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. A complete list of courses is available here​.  Learn more.

We encourage all runners to try orienteering. A runners' welcome page is here​.

The easiest course is 1.8 km along paths with fairly obvious routing.  View Map  This course takes about an hour.

The next level course is 2.3 km and also targeted to beginners. View Map.  This course offers more route decision making, includes more markers, and uses additional orienteering symbols.  Allow two hours for this course if you are walking at a leisurely pace, less time if you are moving more speedily.

The Intermediate course is 3.7 km and is for those wanting to challenge themselves with harder to find markers, more route decision making, and adding speed to finish this longer course.  View Map​.

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