Wildlife Viewing

Woman looking through binoculars

Take advantage of the true beauty and essence of the natural landscapes of Santa Clara County’s park system. Seven of the twenty-eight parks are highlighted as great wildlife viewing areas.

Alviso Marina County Park is a known migration path for birds and offers fantastic views of the wildlife that call the ponds of Alviso Marina home.   

Coyote Lake Harvey Bear Ranch County Park provides habitats for many species of birds, reptiles, amphibians, insects and mammals. The park is home to the rare western pond turtle, California tiger salamander and Bay checkerspot butterfly. Two Hundred and nineteen species of birds have been seen, including our “National Bird”, the bald eagle. During your visit you can also be sure to see black-tailed deer, and turkeys. Even mountain lions have been seen by visitors in the park’s hinterlands.

Ed R. Levin County Park has had over 64 bird species spotted. Its rolling grasslands and Oak woodlands are available to visitors looking for a back-to-nature experience.

Joseph D. Grant County Park, the largest of Santa Clara County’s regional park and recreation areas, is home to 32 bird species. The landscape is characteristic of the east foothills of the Santa Clara Valley with grasslands and majestic oak trees. As part of the park's tradition and history, cattle grazing currently takes place in some areas, and is monitored under a resource management plan.

Penitencia Creek has a pond that is a migratory flyway which offers great opportunities to see a variety of bird species.

Stevens Creek County Park is one of the most popular birding parks in the bay area. Over 125 species have been sighted and recorded to date.

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