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Why Do We Recommend Using Avenza Maps?   

  1. View official County Parks Maps on your mobile phone.
  2. It's free and works with Apple and Android devices.
  3. See your GPS location offline. 
  4. Neighboring agencies including Mid-Peninsula Open Space District and East Bay Regional Parks also post their maps on Avenza. 
  5. And it's pretty easy.

Get all park maps on Avenza using this QR Code, or follow the steps below for setup and download. 

Santa Clara County Park Maps Avenza QR Code

Step 1:

Avenza Location Permission
  • Go to the Apple App Store
     or Google Play to install
    Avenza Maps. 
  • Allow GPS use. 
  • Click the X in the upper
    left, or create an account
    (required for Android).

Step 2:

Avenza My Maps
  • Click on the store icon at
    the bottom of the page.


Step 3:

Screenshot of Avenza Vasona search box
  • Enter the name of your
    park of interest, or enter a
    location if you're already
    at the trailhead.


Step 4:

Screenshot of Avenza Vasona purchase
  • Identify the map you're
    looking for, then click
    "Free", then "Download".



Step 5:

Screenshot of Avenza Vasona Map
  • If you're in the park, you
    will see your GPS location
    (blue dot), and going offline
    will not affect your map.


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