Stevens Creek Trail Signage

New Trail Medallions Installed in Stevens Creek County Park to Unify Stevens Creek Trail Across Jurisdictions

December 2022 - New Stevens Creek Trail medallions have been installed along the Stevens Creek/Tony Look Trail in Stevens Creek County Park. This project was the product of an ongoing collaboration between Santa Clara County Parks, the Friends of Stevens Creek Trail (FoSCT), and other regional partners.

The Stevens Creek Trail is an important sub-regional trail identified in the County's Countywide Trails Master Plan. The current 3.5-mile trail segment in Stevens Creek County Park is one of several segments of the Stevens Creek Trail that have been built along the creek's corridor. The new medallions help unify the sub-regional trail and promote the goal of eventually completing a continuous Stevens Creek Trail that would run from the Montebello Open Space Preserve in the Santa Cruz Mountains down to the Stevens Creek Shoreline Study Area Preserve in Mountain View, where it meets the San Francisco Bay Trail. 

The medallion design is the product of a FoSCT-led working group that included representatives from the cities of Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Cupertino, and Los Altos, the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District, the Bay Area Ridge Trail Council, the San Francisco Bay Trail Project, and Santa Clara County Parks. Together these entities finalized and approved the medallion design, which is used across jurisdictions as a unifying symbol of the trail.

Plan Your Visit to explore the Stevens Creek Trail and see the new medallions in Stevens Creek County Park. 

Stevens Creek Trail medallion

New trail medallion installed along the Stevens Creek Trail/Tony Look Trail in Stevens Creek County Park.

Stevens Creek Trail medallion

New trail medallions unify the Stevens Creek Trail, an important sub-regional trail in the countywide trails network.

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