Volunteer Opportunities

Be the CHANGE, SEE the CHANGE with your County Parks!​

Have you thought about getting involved and not sure where to start? You’ve already taken the first step. Thank you for thinking about turning your talents and skills into positive action for your community!

Volunteer opportunities include recurring and one-time commitments with options for individuals, families, students, businesses, scouts, and many more! Check out the Quick Links below for more information.

Can’t find the volunteer opportunity that you’re looking for? Please contact the Volunteer Program at
[email protected].

 Volunteer Spotlight:

Land Steward Stephen Cassidy at Santa Teresa County Park

Chitao Yuan - Trail Watch: Sanborn, Ed Levin, and many more!

Ever since I became a trail watch volunteer, I have become happier each time I go to the park because... 
1) I am doing an activity I enjoy. 
2) I clean up overgrown vegetation, remove small broken branches and pebbles from the trail to minimize the chance of tripping by hikers, in addition to reporting falling trees. 
3) From time to time I get to give trail and hiking info to visitors. 
4) I get to share some unique experiences with friends and visitors, such as autumn foliage and waterfalls. 
Thanks to the county for offering me the opportunity to become a volunteer and my retirement life has been enriched tremendously."

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