Feral Pigs


Since 1994, the County Parks Department has been managing feral pigs in various County Parks throughout park system. Feral pigs root up hillsides with their snouts, disturb plants, cause erosion, dig up wetlands, and eat acorns and other food sources so that less food is available to native wildlife. Feral pigs move into park use areas and get into garbage, tents, ice chests, food storage containers and back of pickup trucks. The management program includes not only public outreach and education on how to reduce your potential to encounter a feral pig while using a county park, but also on manipulating habitat and attractants near use areas (i.e., fencing springs and ponds and seeps, etc.) and installing wildlife-proof trash cans and food lockers (in campgrounds). The management of feral pigs includes trapping near campgrounds and picnic areas to reduce density of the local population in response to public safety concerns.

To protect yourself from feral pigs the Parks Department recommends:

  • Do not feed or leave food out for any wild animal.

    A pig exploring a parking lot
  • Store food & ice chests in a car or food locker.
  • Maintain a clean area and place trash in garbage cans.
  • Keep pets on a leash.
  • Never harass, chase, or corner any wild animal.
  • Report any unusual animal behavior to park staff.

What you can do if you encounter a pig:

  • Do not approach a wild pig.

  • Back away slowly, giving the pig an opportunity to escape.
  • Pigs have poor eye sight, so waive your arms side to side.
  • Make noise and speak loudly.

Please report any unusual behavior or for more information, contact park staff.

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