Earth Day Youth Art Contest 2023

artwork of girl with black hair sitting in a field of daisies

2023 Art Contest Winners

We received 200+ entries for our third Youth Art Contest to celebrate Earth Day and had a fun time choosing the winning artwork.

These creative pieces of art will be featured in posters to be displayed at County Parks this year and winners will receive a prize (parents/guardians have already been contacted). Everyone who submitted their artwork will receive a participation gift.

We appreciate all of the parents who shared their child's talent!​​

ethan's colorful drawing of a tree of life with a smiling earth behind it, age 6, earth day contest winner

Ethan, Age 6, Winner

yao's colorful drawing of abstract images of a tree, person, giraffe, home, maybe an insect

Yao, Age 4, Winner

veeksha's drawing of various activities at a park, no tree chopping, lake with ducks with sign saying no trash in water, trees, flowers, child raking grass, ,child throwing trash in trash can, no smoking sign

Veeksha, Age 6, Honorable Mention


blaire's colorful drawing of flowers, children, playset, hammock, blue cloud, cart with two wheels

Blair, Age 4, Honorable Mention

aaron's colorful drawing of a park, with a sign saying butterfly garden county park, butterflies surrounding the sign and near flowers, trees, flowers, a pond with a bridge over it

Aaron, Age 10, Winner


anish's drawing is of a park with children raking, recycling, biking, planting and watering trees. there are flowers, trees, a playground set, water fountain

Anish, Age 10, Winner

atharva's drawing is of an urban park with bicyclists, walkers, sidewalks, trees, buildings, recycling containers,

Atharva, Age 8, Honorable Mention

zoe's colorful drawing features a lake with fish, ducks, plants in blue water. children and a dog on leash are around the edge of the lake and the background has trees, blue skies and white fluffy clouds

Zoey, Honorable Mention

daniel's colorful drawing shows happy people living in open air treehouses. children are playing in a circle on the green grass, there's a tire swing, a bluebird flying next to the tree.

Daniel, Age 9, Winner

shivaani's colorful watercolor shows someone walking on a trail wearing shorts and blue sneakers. the trail is grey and white, with abstract poppies and lupine dotting the area next to the trail. the sign says stay on trail

Shivaani, Age 13, Winner

ella's colorful digital drawing shows a girl picking up trash next to a body of water and she's wearing a purple sweatshirt that says keeping our county parks clean and healthy text wrapped around a globe. fish are in the water as well as the globe and parks quote. there's an apple core and aluminum can on the ground near her.

Ella, Age 13, Honorable Mention

eesha's drawing of a park shows two boys playing basketball, a playground set, a teeter-totter, a dog on a leash, girl playing in a sandbox, kite, sun and clouds in the sky

Eesha, Age 13, Honorable Mention

kayli's colorful drawing shows two skyscrapers with two tube between them. the larger tube shows a person and child walking through a tube filled with plants and a blossoming tree. the second tube shows three people walking a similar path. there are other skyscrapers that look like apartments with a blue sky and clouds as the background.

Kayli, Age 16, Winner

penelope's colorful drawing shows two people wearing green shirts that say santa clara county parks. one is spearing an aluminum with one hand and in the other is holding a brown sack. the other person is on the trail carrying a shovel. they are in a tree-covered area with blue skies and white clouds.

Penelope, Age 17, Winner

Invest in our planet, invest in our parks

Earth Day is April 22, 2023
This year, young artists may enter their creations for the Earth Day Youth Art Contest to two categories:

  1. Sharing everyday actions that can make a difference in the health of our county parks
  2. Creating/dreaming up a future park feature or project
Art piece of volunteers picking up trash outside

Let your imagination run wild as you draw your favorite park activity, ultimate playground, or your favorite spot to guess at cloud formations. Express yourself with colors, style and creativity, and most of all, have FUN. Let’s celebrate Earth Day by showing the awesomeness of the outdoors!

Artwork will be featured on our social media and, and every participant will receive a small thank you gift. In addition, there will be one grand prize winner and finalists from each age group will receive a special prize. Winning artwork may be displayed in our parks.

Contest Rules

  1. Each person may submit up to two (2) pieces of artwork

  2. Artwork may be any medium - crayon, pencil, pens, watercolor, charcoal, digital, etc.

  3. Artwork must be 8.5” x 11” format (vertical/landscape or horizontal/portrait)

  4. Include first name and age on artwork in lower right-hand corner (open to anyone entering grades Pre-K to 12 in 2023)

  5. Submit original artwork under the appropriate school grade level

  6. Complete the submission form in full

  7. Submit artwork via the online submission form or print and mail (postmarked) by 11:59pm PT, Friday, April 14, 2023

  8. Winners will be notified via email by April 21, 2023

  9. Prizes will be mailed by June 1, 2023 (restricted to contiguous United States)

  10. To submit artwork by mail, print and complete the submission form, and mail with artwork to:​

Santa Clara County Parks
Earth Day Youth Art Contest
298 Garden Hill Drive
Los Gatos, CA 95032

Contest Agreement

By entering the contest, you accept and agree to all rules, terms, and conditions. Artwork submitted may be used for any and all purposes anywhere and in perpetuity at no compensation. Winning and non-winning photo submissions may be used in Santa Clara County Parks social media channels, website and other park publications. The contest is open to participants regardless of residence or citizenship, so long as the laws of their jurisdiction allow participation; prizes will be restricted to the contiguous United States. Employees of Santa Clara County Parks are not eligible to participate.

Original artwork must be uploaded or postmarked by 11:59 pm PT, April 14, 2023.

Questions? Email [email protected]

2022 Art Contest Winners

We received 100+ entries for our second Youth Art Contest to celebrate Earth Day. It was challenging (but fun!) to choose the winning artwork and quotes.

These amazing pieces of art will be featured in posters to be displayed at County Parks this year and winners will receive a prize (parents/guardians have already been contacted). Everyone who submitted their artwork will receive a participation gift.

Thank you so much for sharing your child's creativity and talent!​​​

drawing by tobias of rainbow people animals hearts

Tobias, 4 (high-res file)

drawing by Sia, sun, rainbow, flower

Sia, Age 5 (high-res file)

drawing by shinyee, horseback riding in corral at Ed Levin

Shinyee, Age 6 (high-res file)

drawing by sophia, animals, sun, plants, a heart with two children in it

Sophia, Age 7 (high-res file)

drawing by claire, four children in a forest with wide eyes, trees, plants

Claire, Age 8 (high-res file)

drawing by ian, duck and duckling against grey background

Ian, Age 8 (hi-res file)

drawing by hudson, deer with orange butterfly and spotted butterfly on nose, with trees in background
Hudson, Age 10 - Grand Prize Winner
(high-res file)


drawing by iyla, child on a swing with a heart sign above head, tree branches in background with an orange and yellow sunset

Iyla, Age 10 (high-res file)

drawing by kylie, black and white, with deer in the trees. Handwritten sign that says "I like county parks because I like camping and looking at wild animals, including deer. County parks also have a lot of room to run around. The deer that I drew is named Dreamy."

Kylie, Age 11 (high-res file)


drawing by arshia, black and white sketch of two campers in tent looking outside at their view of their campground, mountains and trees

Arshia, Age 12 (high-res file)

drawing by claire of child in purple crew neck sweater gazing at a woodpecker in a tree with a bridge in background, grass, and a rock lined stream.

Claire, Age 13 (high-res file)

watercolor painting by yuling of an airstream trailer parked along a body of water, with yellow rays of sunshine overhead and grey clouds

Tyler, Age 11 (high-res file)

watercolor painting by carolyn of a young girl in a striped sweater reading a book, leaning against a cherry blossom tree. she's sitting on a brown and white checked blanket and an orange tabby cat is lying close to her feet. a deer is feeding on grass near her and is next to a small pond with a mallard duck swimming in it. there's an ivory path behind the girl with two more deer in front of a fence. blue skies and some cherry blossoms are falling from the tree.

Carolyn, Age 14 (high-res file)


acrylic painting of a girl picking flowers in a field of flowers. the girl is wearing a bright blue ribbon tying back her black hair and she's dressed in black wearing a light blue face mask. she is in profile as she reaches down to pick a yellow flower. the field has lots of flowers among the green grass

Hayoon, Age 16 (high-res file)

2021 Art Contest Winners

Many thanks to all who participated in our first Youth Art Contest to celebrate Earth Day. With 225+ amazing entries, it was challenging to select winners in each age group and category. The collection below shows the winning artwork for each age group, in the categories of ‘Enjoying a SCC Park,’ ‘Protecting a SCC Park,’ ‘Volunteering at a SCC Park,’ and ‘Keeping Wildlife Wild.’ 

These terrific pieces of art will be featured in posters to be displayed at County Parks this April and winners will receive a prize (parents/guardians to be contacted via email). Everyone who submitted their artwork will receive a participation gift. 

Call us amazed by the creativity and talent from our youth!​​​

Volunteer lettered drawing


Painting of a girl in pink with a crown




art piece of a kid raising his arms up of  joy on a trail




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