Careers in Parks Real Estate

Parks Real Estate program develops and implements the long‐range land acquisition strategy for the Department by collaborating with local and regional partners to acquire and enhance the regional network of parkland, open space, trails, and recreational facilities.

The team acquires land strategically to contribute to preservation of watersheds, habitat reserve lands, and other landscape‐level habitat linkages. Real Estate staff also negotiate Land Use Agreements (LUAs) with a wide range of public, not‐for‐profit, and commercial partners and concessionaires to both bring in revenue  and provide land stewardship, recreational facilities, expertise and operations that could not be independently provided by County Parks staff.  The Real Estate Team collaborates with staff from park units so that Operations, Maintenance, Natural Resource Management, and other Department Workgroups can help to monitor, support, and enhance performance of these land use agreement partners, as well as to address boundary control issues.

Listed are Real Estate program positions and linked descriptions. 

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