Group Overnight Campsites

Reservable group camping areas are available for your group in 5 of our County parks – see list below for details. 

  • For more information or a park map click on the park name in related links below.
  • All fees are per night and subject to change.
  • Group camping sites are required for any group of 17 people or more.

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Park Site/Notes Capacity   Fee
    People VEH  
Coyote Lake Harvey Bear Park ​Group Campsite 40 9 $140
​Joseph D. Grant ​

Woodlands (Gates closed at sunset, no re-entry after gates close)
Halls Valley Group Camp & Big Oak (Gates closed at sunset, no re-entry after gates close)







Mount Madonna ​ ​ ​ ​ Arrowhead Group Camp
​Indian Rock
​West Deer Pen
Sanborn ​Group Walk-In Site (0.4 Mile Walk-In to Site; gates closed at sunset, no re-entry after gates close) 40 N/A $100
Uvas Canyon Upper Bench (Gates closed at sunset, no re-entry after gates close) 50 10 $175

Youth Group Camping

Youth groups are eligible for a 50% discount off any group camping site. Reservations for a group camping site for a youth group may be made up to 1 year in advance and no less than 1 calendar day prior to the date of use. Youth groups must be non-profit or not-for-profit with a ratio of 1 adult per 10 minors.  Groups must provide their mission statement and tax ID number in writing to receive this discount. Call (408) 355-2201 to make a reservation for a youth group and receive this discount.

Rules and Regulations

  • Jr. Ranger Campout
    Smoking is prohibited in all county parks.
  • Swimming is not allowed in any Santa Clara County Park.
  • All Group Camping Customers must check in at entrance upon arrival. The earliest Check-in on day of arrival is 3:00 pm and latest Check-out time on day of departure is 1:00 pm.
  • Parks are open from 8:00 am to sunset. The entrance gates at Grant, Sanborn and Uvas Canyon County Parks are locked at sunset. If you are camping, you must arrive before sunset. At Uvas Canyon Park, you may leave the park after sunset, however arrival and/or re-entry into the park is not possible. At Grant and Sanborn you may be able to make arrangements to enter after sunset by calling the park prior to your arrival date. Late arrivals at Coyote Lake and Mt. Madonna need to arrive before 10:00 pm (the start of quiet hours). Parks are closed to non-campers from sunset to 8:00 am.
  • Each group campsite comes with picnic tables and a BBQ pit and/or fire ring. No Fires are permitted on the ground. No wood gathering is permitted. Fires in BBQ pits must be kept beneath the grate. Please allow fires in BBQ pits and rings to burn out (water will damage the grill and pit). Open fires and the use of charcoal briquettes may be restricted or prohibited due to fire danger levels during the summer season. You may wish to have an alternate method of cooking available. Camp stoves and similar devices with a controlled enclosed flame would be allowed. Please read all posted signs upon check in. Some parks may have wood bundles for purchase. Call the park prior to arrival to check if wood is currently available.
  • Shower facilities are available at each camping park.  These are on timers and are free.
  • Radios, playing of instruments and other loud noises are not permitted during quiet hours (10:00 pm to 7:00 am)
  • Dogs/Pets are allowed in all campgrounds. There is a maximum of 2 dogs/pets per site. Dogs/Pets must be on a leash no more than 6 feet long and under the owners control at all times and must be confined to tents or vehicles at night.
  • Responsibility of general setup and cleanup of the premises shall be the responsibility of the customer. Buildings and grounds shall be left free of debris and other refuse pertaining to said use. Any clean-up necessary after an event will be charged to the customer at a rate of $80 per staff person, per hour. Clean-up includes placing all chairs and tables back into designated area after event, cleaning kitchen area, including stove and refrigerator, removing all decorations and equipment.
  • Minors are not eligible to reserve a facility or camp overnight unless accompanied by a responsible adult. Written proof of age may be required. Groups comprised predominantly of participants under the age of 18 must be chaperoned at a ratio of 1 adult to 10 minors.

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