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In 1912 Harold P. Dyer, an engineer and sugar industry executive, purchased 160 acres of land in the area of Peterson Grove. French stonemasons built the Dyer House out of locally collected sandstone around 1915. Dyer's son-in-law assisted in the design of the house and became a renowned architect and designed some early buildings at Stanford and Yosemite. In 2020, renovations were completed in the lower floor of the Dyer House and it now serves as the Sanborn Ranger Office.

H.P. Dyer had a Pelton waterwheel powered generator in the basement that provided electricity to the grounds and house. Being one of the only buildings with electricity at the time it was known as "The Star Light on the Hill". Dyer also purchased part of the Taudt (Todd) and Pourroy lands to create a 500 acre estate known as Star on the Hill. H.P. Dyer died in 1928 and the property was sold by his daughter in 1950 to George and Ethna Peterson (Peterson Grove). A portion of the property was sold to the County in 1962, and the park was opened for the first time on a limited basis.

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The address below is for Sanborn County Park entrance


16055 Sanborn Rd
Saratoga, CA 95070

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