No activity can be as rewarding as relaxing near a crystal clear waterway with fishing pole in hand and line in the water. We’ve got some of the best fishing spots around! Feeling a little rusty with your casting? Take advantage of our practice fly casting ponds, usually a dedicated enthusiast will be on hand to give you a tip or two.

Bring your family to South Bay Fishing in the City - a kid's fishing clinic that creates opportunities for fishing, outdoor recreation and aquatic education for children and their families.

To keep our beautiful parks and facilities in tip top shape, there are fees associated with many activities. Check our park fees for more information.


CATCH AND RELEASE IS RECOMMENDED... Limit your consumption of locally caught fish!

Restrictions on Fish Consumption – Lexington Reservoir

Mercury has been found to accumulate in Almaden, Calero, Guadalupe, Anderson and Stevens Creek Reservoirs at levels that make the fish unsafe to eat. This advisory does not affect the treated drinking water supplied from Anderson Reservoir. The water supply is safe

Sediments containing mercury have been deposited in some of the local reservoirs. Over time, the mercury in the sediment may have been converted to methyl mercury by naturally occurring bacteria. Methyl mercury is absorbed by aquatic plants and fish. Because these chemicals accumulate in the body, frequent consumption of fish from the lake could, over time, result in harm to the development of fetuses and children and affect the nervous or immune systems in adults, and could increase the long-term risk of cancer.

family fishing

If you have any questions regarding mercury and its effects, please contact Santa Clara County Public Health Department at (408) 885-3980 or visit the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment OEHHA’s website. For more information on chemical contamination in fish, including advice for commercial fish consumption.

  • All State fishing laws apply in the Santa Clara County Park. For more information regarding fishing laws, regulations and fish planting schedules, visit the State Department of Fish and  Wildlife's website ,"fish planting page," "Central Coast," or the Region's up-to-date recording at (707) 944-5581.

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