Corporate and Community Group Volunteer Opportunities

We accommodate group volunteers, including corporate groups and community organizations, to fulfill community service tasks that generally last 2‐4 hours. Existing volunteer opportunities are based on site-specific needs and can be found via the Upcoming Volunteer Events link below.

If you have a particular project in mind that does not align to one of the opportunities currently available, you can Propose a Project for review. Please include important information such as the scope of the work (difficulty level, type of work, and duration of service), how many volunteers would be attending, and any scheduling requirements. Providing as many details as possible will expedite the process of review and approval. 
Please allow 8 weeks minimum to process your proposal, ideally 12-16 weeks advance notice is suggested. We will do the best we can to accommodate your request, however, please also note that not all requests will be granted.

The County of Santa Clara gratefully accepts and values charitable donations from our park partners, however, under most circumstances the County does not permit permanent plaques or monuments to be affixed to non-standardized donations such as benches, signs, or other park facilities or fixtures. If you have any questions about including any kind of plaque or inscription with your donation, please contact the volunteer program office in advance.

We respond to all inquiries within 7 days and do our best to accommodate each request.

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