These trails and parks were chosen specifically for you to get outside and explore your wonderful 28-regional park system. 

  • Some parks may be close and some may be far. Make it a day trip and explore other trails and activities as well.
  • Some trails may be easy and some may be hard. Do the best you can or challenge yourself and explore another part of the park.
  • Some trail lengths may be very short, and some may be long. Finished too soon? Try visiting other parts of the park, have a picnic, or bring binoculars and look for awesome wildlife. If you feel it's too long, again, do the best you can! We are happy that you are trying out something new and connecting with nature.
  • Got a Dog? Most of our trails this year allow dogs but some don't. Make sure you check before heading out at the top of each trail description. You can find more information on Dog Access in our  County Parks website
  • Know before you go. Our Parks’ Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Specialists use specific software to calculate accurate mileage on the routes. Trail mileage will vary upon tracking apps on your phone because of mountain ranges/satellite interference and can be off by 1-3 miles.
  • Need tips on how to prepare for hikes in general? Check out our Prepare for your Hike page.

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