Adopt A Spot

Adopt a Spot volunteers help maintain a specific feature or place in a County Park on an ongoing basis. Adoptable features can include a trail, section of trail, park bench, tree, signboard, planted area, dog park, playground, or another unique feature within a Santa Clara County Park. Desired commitment is a minimum of one year and Adopt a Spot volunteers would be expected to conduct a variety of maintenance and upkeep activities depending on the unique feature they wish to adopt. Volunteers must maintain their adopted feature(s) a minimum of three times per year (or more as necessary) and record a minimum of 10 service hours annually to remain active. Active volunteers earn additional benefits such as accruing service benchmark awards, receiving special volunteer recognitions, and participating in annual volunteer enrichments and activities. Training and supplies will be provided by the parks department and will be adjusted to the specific needs and requirements of the adopted feature. 

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